Plugin in constant "loading"-mode with Cubase 11 on Windows 8


When I load BBC SO plugin, then from a certain number on (idk the exact number, about 10) the plugin is in an infinite loading phase (the LED is blinking, the one with "if this is flashing, the instrument is not loaded yet"). the plugin can not be deleated, i.e. cubase crashes if i try to delete it. the plugin enters the loading phase and does not come out, not even after 1hour...

Can anyone help?

Thank you


  • Did you find a solution for this, I'm kinda getting the same on Cubase 10.5/Windows 10.

    Infinite blinking on both LABS and BBC Symphony Orchestra.

    Mine doesn't crash at all, I can remove them, and put them back on, but still with infinite blinking and no sound at all on both VSTs.