String/Brass/Woods Professional legato addtional mics missing?

HI I recently bought the update of the Symphonic Orchetsra to Professional. the CR and CTAO mics are great but there are none in the legato patches, which means I have an inconsinstency of soundstage whenever I want to use legato patches as they sound different due to missing mics positions. Is that a mistake? or will they come later?

kind regards



  • Hi @stefanbreitbach

    Legato patches are included for the CR and CTAO mics, and should be present in the regular CTAO patches as well as the Advanced >Legato Techniques folder. This indicates that there may be content missing from your install. I can create a support ticket if you confirm that they are in fact missing from that location.

  • ok got it, there is another advanced folder in the separate mic folder, thank you