Originals Felt Piano

I recently purchased Spitfire Originals Felt Piano and started working with it.  I noticed some of the quieter samples have a terribly high noise floor. In fact, it's so bad that it's very noticeable on the mix down. The worst part is the noise isn't uniform - some of the samples have it and some don't, making certain notes very noisy and others clean.  I'm not talking about the mechanical noise (which is quite nice) - this is clearly a recording quality problem and it's absolutely terrible. I can't use the piano in production now so it's a complete waste, and I need to find another library. Has anyone else had this problem with this library? I'm considering contacting support and getting a refund so I can buy another library.


  • i have the same problem. Felt Piano samples were quite poorly recorded, uneven and not balanced well (in comparison to spitfire's other products – even the free LABS soft piano is captured better). there's even one note (can't remember which, but in one of the lower registers) where on one of the samples you can hear someone (the recording engineer??) sniff or move towards the end if you hold the key down long enough. it's only one sample so you have to hit repeatedly at different velocities to catch it, but it's definitely there. i find it unusable for any music where the piano is solo because of this kind of problem. i got mine long ago and have just lived with it, but i'd be interested to hear how you get on contacting support.