in BBCSO Pro, when I turn off global in the mic position mixer...

in BBCSO Pro, when I turn off global in the mic position mixer, I assumed it was to set different levels for different articulations? is this not the case? I set the levels I want, but they aren't being retained by the plugin.


  • Hi @DenTPuzz, yes exactly: if I have that switch set to "global" and change from "Mix 1" to "Close", say, with the "Legato" technique selected, then all the other techniques also get the new, close mic sound. If I have "Global" switched to "Off", then I can choose a different mix for each technique, just as you expect.

    I just tested here, and - for me - those settings do stick between closing and re-opening the plug-in window, loading/unloading the project and restarting the DAW. Mix settings also get saved when I create a user preset (disc icon in the preset drop-down), and were restored when I reloaded it. If any of those don't work for you, then probably worth opening a support ticket?

    On the other hand, I would expect the mix settings to be reset to defaults (i.e. Mix 1) when switching to a different preset, reloading the same preset, when unloading and re-loading techniques in the technique editor, or when creating a new instance of the plugin. To get them back in those cases, I'd need to save my settings to a user preset.

  • I figured out that the problem is when combining articulations (using the shift key). Both articulations can't have different levels.