How to eliminate background blow in Hans Zimmer violins when playing long high notes

I'm new to the world of sampled libraries. This is something that I have noticed not just with HZS but also with other high quality libraries like Eastwest's Hollywood Strings. Both these libraries are excellent in their own ways, but one thing they have in common (and many other libraries as well), is that when going into the C5 to C#6 area, they get a little "blowy". It's like a flautando but without having chosen the articulation. If I do chose it, then it becomes far worse, obviously.

But choosing the Long or Legato, and playing a long G5 for example, that blowing noise is very noticeable. Since I never had any experience with violins up close during a recording session, I assume that this is not a product of poor sample recording, but that that is the noise the violin itself makes when played that high. I'm guessing perhaps it's the noise of the bow's friction against the strings. And I can tell it happens in the whole range, but it gets more noticeable the higher the note.

However, when I listen to commercial music that has such notes played by one or more violins, I never hear that blow. Obviously that's music that has been extremely processed by several mixing and mastering plugins to get to that point. I'm talking about mostly film scores like Hans Zimmer's, of which I have probably about 20 of his albums, and a lot more film and TV music, as well as classical music.

So basically I'm trying to find out what techniques the pros use to get rid of that noise, like when a large violin section plays the same long high note at the same time. I tried using the EQ in Logic to narrow the frequencies, and other plugins, but nothing seems to get me at least half way there when it comes to the typical high pitched violin sound you hear in commercial albums.