Hans Zimmer Library

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This may be a stupid question.

I have the Hans Zimmer Piano. On the blurb it says it is 200gb down, but disk space required 440 gb.

It is says it is all installed properly on Native Access - I've played it in my Daw and it appears to be working. However, the folder for Hans Zimmer Piano Library on my hard drive says it is 196 gb.

Am I missing something?


  • Ok I think I may have answer to my own question (checking the manual). It is 211. GB required, but 422.4 gb for install required.

    I assume that means 196 gb is about right then for Windows?

  • Peter Satera
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    That is the correct size (I have it too). You need the 440GB to install, as it takes the 200(ish)GB out of the zips, and once the lib installed it deletes the 'zipped components'. Therefore there is a point where you need double the capacity.