An orchestra I would recommend...

Hello everyone,

Three weeks ago, I was looking into some new plugins so I could expand my skills as a composer and I discovered a new orchestra from a group called Audio Imperia. The orchestra is called Nucleus and it sounds incredible. I'm planning on purchasing it in the next few weeks, but it has got some of the most detailed ensembles and sections I've ever seen. Its like Albion One merged with BBCSO with a whole other element together. Its available for $449.00 (U.S. Dollars), and it can be used with any Kontakt Player version 6.7 or higher, and even the free player. And don't knock it until you hear it! It may have a slightly different sound from Spitfire Audio, but it could be the perfect partner for any Spitfire LABS or Originals--maybe even some Albions!

Also, I am still trying to build up my funds for bigger orchestras like Nucleus currently, but if anyone has any other recommendations for any fun little plugins (preferably orchestral), I would love to hear it! They can be Spitfire Audio related or come from a third party.

I hope everyone has a great day!



  • I personally have found that anything from Spitfires Abbey Road One series is great, especially when trying to stick to a budget. I find myself using Thematic Horns and Wondrous flutes constantly and since they have two mixes and ten mic positions they are simple to tweak for the right sound and fit alongside other libraries.

    For a third party plugin, I highly recommend Majestic Horn over at Orchestraltools. It is a great expressive solo horn with legato and four mic positions and is only 2€ (no that's not a typo, it really is only two euros).

    Maybe not in the orchestral style you are looking for, but being a sucker for certain woodwinds, I have been having a blast with Spitfires Originals Rare Flutes. I had hoped for a long time they would make a library like this and they made it perfectly and for an unbeatable price.