Patch change via midi data? Originals Intimate Strings or Epic Brass and Winds

Marc C
edited May 2021 in Originals

Hello. I am using many of the Originals series products as well as Labs in my DAW (Samplitude) and my notation software (Finale). I wanted to know if it was possible to change from one patch to another within the same instance of the spitfire player without having to load up another instance of the library in another track with a different patch selected. For example, if I am playing with the flautando longs patch in intimate strings and I wanted to switch to a pizzicato patch, is there some sort of "patch change", would the spitfire player respond to some sort of midi command to load a different patch from the library? Thanks.


  • They normally have some switchkeys, so you can switch the articulation while playing/recording. But you cant load more instances like in Kontakt for example.

    Hope i could help you ;D

  • Unfortunately the Originals libraries don't have any keyswitching or UACC to switch articulations.

  • Wouldn't it be possible to use your DAW"S articulation map?

    Otherwise, it seems to me that all the various articulations would need to be opened.


  • Thanks all. It seems that for the originals the best solution is to simply open multiple instances of the player with different tracks.