Need to change my Mac mini 2018

Good morning to everyone

Eventually I plan to change my desktop computer. My 2018 Mac mini is starting to get a little slow with big sessions.

The problem is that all my main Spitfire lib are on an external SSD, and are already registered to work with my 2018 Mac mini and for my MacBook Pro that I use on the go.

Spitfire libs are therefore at the maximum of their permissions.

If I switch to a new, more powerful desktop computer, how do I have the possibility to reference the libs that are on the SSD with the new computer?

I would like to be able to make the transition smoothly... It's not very urgent, but I'm always afraid of a big crash that prevents me from working...

Thanks a lot for the advices.


  • Krisp
    edited February 5

    Ah... I know we are very busy, and I'm sorry to insist a little, to get feedback on this subject. If you have Advice to follow, your help will be invaluable to me before embarking on migration... I will eventually contact Spitfire's assistance for their advice as well.

  • aldous
    edited February 6

    The licence only allows for use on two machines as you say, but to set up a new machine to replace the Mac Mini then I think you just need to ask Spitfire Support for permission to do an extra "repair" on your libraries. If you ask in advance, you should be in a position to authorise and set-up your new machine pretty quickly when it arrives.

    If you're using the technique here ( then you just need to be careful which subfolder you target with your "repair" on the new machine: you'll want to over-write the config for the Mac Mini you're retiring, without breaking the config for the second machine you're planning to keep.

  • Thank you very much for taking the time to answer me.

    Indeed, I will contact the technical team when the time comes.

    Yes, I use my libs on an SSD, I've already had a lot of problems installing the biblio on two machines because it's not very intuitive...

    Have a nice evening