Lucid REM for Piano, Orchestra, Solo strings and Choir

Hello everyone,

Here is my latest composition.

I use BBCSO pro with a bit of Appassionnata for some string passages, the solo strings for a string quartet passage, my new Whitacre Choir (thanks Spitfire for this giveaway!).

Of course, we will find the many writing influences, because hasn't everything already been written for piano and orchestra?

here, the piano should be considered more as integrated into the whole, emerging at times and melting into the mass at others.

In any case, it was once again exciting (and exhausting*) to handle so many people in my little home studio office!

The visual is made (as for another piece) from my manuscripts, photographed in macro, and treated to give an impression of blackboard and chalk.

Advice and comments welcome!

* Exhausting also for my 2018 Mac Mini which was drooling! I had to raise the buffer sometimes to 8096 to manage to work on the 200 tracks...

I will have to decide to replace him one of these days, but he was still brave!