Polyphonic Aftertouch Support

I was wondering how hard it could be to get a way of using Poly Aftertouch as the Dynamics control on Ensemble Patches as a quick writing tool, since I'm getting more acquainted using Polyphonic Aftertouch with synth sounds for quickly getting ideas out.

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  • I agree with you 100%!

    Concerning the BBC Symphony Orchestra plugin:

    I love the sound and I love the interface, but wouldn't it be superb if we could map the aftertouch to the expression and dynamics and free one hand to play? What about a fully mappable MPE version?

    Please, Spitfire Audio, read this.

  • Hi @nativeVS and @eport

    We currently do have MPE Libraries as part of our Ableton range.

    I'll pass on your feedback regarding BBC SO, but it is worth noting that a lot of development time would need to go into converting the plugin to be MPE compatible. Whilst I am not ruling it out completely, the team are just very busy with supporting our current range of products, as well as developing future content.

  • Add my vote for aftertouch support. Would allow adding expressiveness in a very efficient / natural way...

  • I think if this could happen eventually it would be great!

  • Another vote from me. This would transform the playability of the wonderful spitfire instruments and change them from programming plug-ins to performance ones.

  • I agree that it would bring another great way to add expression, realism and natural feel...

  • Hi,

    I am about to buy a expressive-e osmose.

    If one could use the poly-aftertouch and the per-note-vibrato as well as the per-note-pitchbend with the Spitfire libraries - that would be a game changer for sure!