Kudos regarding the player design for BBC SO Discover/Core/Pro

I just wanted to thank the developers and founders for the well though out design and functionality they put into the BBC SO Pro player! It coudn't get any easier than this to link up a fader with expression, dynamics, and vibrato!

Two quick questions.

Is Christian still using the MonogramCC faders? Or is there something better that's come out? Currently, due to budget constraints, I'm using a much less expensive "3 fader" control made by MIDIMaker.

Also, in the videos I only see the dynamics and expression faders being used. Is the vibrato applied later after you get done recording some measures into Logic? Or am I missing something? Can vibrato be linked to expression and/or dynamics to happen along with them? Or am I missing it in the videos that maybe three faders are being used?


  • Hi Rothvin,

    I assigned a third fader on my 8 fader controller to use for vibrato. In all honesty, I tend not to use it that often. Spitfire seem to have the samples mapped in such a way that the vibrato naturally fades in and out at the right moment.

    I always play the notes in and do all my expression latches after I've done the take and I rarely find myself needing to go in to change the vibrato. When I do fiddle about with the vibrato too much, it doesn't sound any better than if just left it alone!