German Traditional Song reimagined

So there is famous song in German that almost every older Person or Person with Christian Background knows. The Lyrics are by Dietrich Bonnhoeffer and he wrote the Song during WWII just before he was killed by the SS Regime.

I used Studio Strings, Abbey Road, BBCSO by Spitfire and a Mix of Others VSTs.

I hope you Like it :-) Thanks for Your Feedback!


  • Hi, I would like to listen but it seems I need a Spotify Account to do so. I don't want an account! Perhaps you could upload to somewhere that don't need a login? Soundcloud or YouTube?

  • Yeah sorry, I just realized I didn't post the smart link of that Song here.

    Here it ist:

  • Thanks Simon. That was a great listen. Bonhoeffers words ring as true today as in the tragic circumstances that he wrote them in.