labs makes something like scratch sound instead of the library sound

pls help.. any sound from labs vst sound like heavy scratching and can't get the library sound that i downloaded


  • Which Labs VST is it?

    The first thing to try would be:

    Turn down the instrument volume on the top menu (click the bar). If this doesn't work turn it up.

    If the above doesn;t work, have a look at the following. You don't state what sort of machine you're using. If it's a high power 8 core (or better) machine, fast processor, big RAM, ignore the following. If you're working on something with a small number of cores, slow prcessor or low memory, do the above first then try the following. Reduce the maximum number of voices. Click the 3 dots on the top menu bar. Reduce the 'Maximum voices' in the pop-up menu. Try it in small decrements. If you overload your processor you will get all sorts of horrible artefacts.

    I hope this is of help.