Labs Volume 'slider'/bar

When you use the mouse to control the volume level , the mouse arrow obliterates the view of the volume level pop up bubble. If the bubble popped up on the top of the volume bar, and not at the bottom, this wouldn't happen. It's counter productive, parliculary when trying to make small changes.


  • That is the very reason I leave any instrument from any vendor as is and control its level via an appropriate FX chain assigned in the track, be it via velocity and/or loudness, in the DAW (REAPER user here).

  • The horizontal volume slider in Labs instruments (top panel) sets the default value for the instrument. It typically loads fresh at 100 and has a maximum setting value of 400%. What you require for use will usually depend on whether you're using the instrument for single notes or chordally. And whether the instrument appears solo or with other instruments. Some products will also swell on long notes, and this needs to be taken into consideration. This base internal volume needs to be optimised to be audible without maxing out and distorting. Hence the slider. In song levels can be modified using automation (typically the left hand vertical slider on the labs main instrument control).

    How resource heavy would it be to set up an FX chain on each instrument in a 50-80 track song? And how could you use the full volume control available in automation if the instrument is distorting through being over-loud, or too quiet due to being left at its default 100% (range is 0-400%)?

    Or am I missing something?

  • Fou sure chains add computing load, so the limit will depend on the system.

    Curiously, when I recently started my journey along DAWs and VSTs, I went finding many demanding instruments making pops and cracks in my system (a very old Acer Spin 7 using 8 GB DDR3 RAM and Intel Core i5-7Y54 2 Cores x 1.2 - 3.2 GHz, Kaby Lake ) when played in Kontakt alone BUT, hard to believe, playing with no hiccups when placed in a track in REAPER.

    To my amusement I went adding and adding and have so far reached 55 tracks with that laptop dated 2016, and if I am planning to upgrade my system (to a fanless Intel i9-13900T, 128 GB DDR4 3200 and two Corsair Force Series MP600 Pro NH 8TB, M.2 SSDs) is simply because I love what I hear and want more and more and then more again !!!!