How to live from bets?

Having a cool head and knowing how to control emotions in complex situations are undoubtedly the two basic aspects of online betting, no matter how certain some forecast may seem, the random factor makes bad streaks appear and are uncontrollable.


  • juancho78
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  • Yes, it’s possible, but I wouldn’t try with less than a $250,000 bankroll. Here are things you need to consider before you try:

    • Don’t do it, unless you have a successful track record of winning, and your bankroll is already continually increasing.
    • Be prepared to encounter losing streaks that last over 1 year. Sometimes two. Which means you won’t profit every year.
    • You probably need another source of income to supplement your living when you’re on a losing streak. Even with a bankroll of a quarter million dollars.
    • I’m inclined to suggest that because you have asked the question, you probably aren’t sure if you can sustain the winning. Which means you probably shouldn’t attempt it. Pros know they can win. They don’t need confidence boosters from others.
    • Be prepared to be continually on the lookout for new systems. It’s rare that anything you discover will work longer than 6 months. The house will always shut you down eventually.