Audio Unit v2 plugin not found

Hi all,

After updating Live to 11.2.7, I have noticed several of my midi tracks have an "Audio Unit v2 plug-in could not be found" and "VST2 plug-in could not be found". Anyone had this problem before?

One is a LABS plug-in, and I believe the other is Spitfire Audio Hans Zimmer piano. My LABS and Hans Zimmer piano plug-ins are working with new sets, but seem to have a problem with sets I created prior to the update. Ableton has no answers. Any suggestiosn on what I could do?

My set up:

- MacBookPro M1 Max, Ventura 13.1

Ableton suggested I try these but nothing has worked:

- reset Live (delete prefs file, user library etc.)

- full rescan of plug-ins.

- opening Live in Rosetta

- 'saving as' and reopening

- delete the midi track, undo and reload