What about the new version 3.4.4 of the App?

It does not work annymore under Wine i have a black screen


  • You're not alone, I have the same issue.

    You wonder what is the use of universal plugin formats for instruments (vst2/3, lv2, etc), if you can't even access the instruments in the first place...

    Anyway I think the issue is related to the DX11 use by the Spitfire Software (I've seen same comments about Kontakt 7) or the use of Microsoft Edge to display things inside the soft.

  • I'm on Mac and have noticed that the app doesn't retain my password from session to session at the moment.

  • I was researching this same issue and found a solution on another forum (that itself pointed to the winedb page for Spitfie).

    Anyway, the solution (which worked for me too) was to install divx into your wine container. Simply run `winetricks divk` via the command line. You will of course need to have winetricks installed via your distro's package manager.