reverb/room noise in cinematic soft piano


I've just purchased the Cinematic Soft Piano library from the Originals series. It sounds great so far, certainly no complaints! Great job to the team who recorded and developed it. One thing I am wondering, though, is if there is any way to completely (or close to completely) remove the additional reverberations from the signal? I got this library in large part as a sort of upgrade from the Soft Piano from the LABS series, which is how it is described on the Spitfire website. Cinematic Soft Piano delivers on this promise in nearly every regard, but one thing I really appreciate about the LABS piano that is different from its Cinematic counterpart is that the former has a very dry sound. I've tried adjusting all the knobs, but even with reverb and "Mix" all the way down, and tightness and "Close" all the way up, Cinematic is not quite as dry as the LABS piano. I suspect that at this point, the difference I'm detecting is probably a function of different studios in which these two libraries were recorded, but I just wanted to be sure there's no other parameter I've missed before I consider getting the Originals Felt Piano (which I saw has ADSR controls, unlike Cinematic) to round out my collection. Thanks for reading!