Best Library to recreate Teil 1 (Kjartan Sveinsson)?

Hi, i am trying to transcribe this piece as a learning aid as I am new to orchestral composition. Seems to start with bass and celli, then violas come in a little before 1:20.

In terms of the orchestra size (and I mean only as far as I have gone in transcribing it so far, ie up to about 3mins - the bass, celli, violas) Hans Zimmer strings seems too big (minimum of -,-,20,20,24), I have a non-spitfire library of (-,-,12,10,8), which also seems too big The closest sounds of the libraries I have seems to be (-, 4, 3, 2), but I'm not super-impressed with the sound.

I can't find any info online so anyone care to guess what size orchestra performed this piece? Also what would be the best Spitfire library to use to re-create it? I'm guessing Spitfire Studio Strings ( would be about right?

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  • kensaundm31
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    Actually I found some info on the orchestra and indeed SSS is just about right:

    Spitfire Studio Strings - 30 (

    The German Film Orchestra Babelsberg - 27 (