Need for Infinite Bow (Solo Strings)

Love the sound of Solo Violin, but unfortunately the rebow often happens at weird spots for me. An infinite bow feature just like the solo strings from Cinesamples would be amazing.


  • In case it helps, I found that adjusting the dynamics helped a lot with rebowing in awkward places: the difference in time between rebows in the lowest vs highest dynamics is pretty big. Usually I pull the dynamics down compared to where I'd have them for other libraries, i.e. to get rid of rebows in notes that seem too short to need one, or where it happens earlier than sounds "natural". Occasionally I'll raise them to bring a rebow forward, like where it occurs too close to the end of a long note.

    More intuitive control would be nice, but since I can't use the library because of a phasing bug, I should declare an interest in having that fixed first ;-)