My notes are late?


Just bought BBCSO today. I'm having trouble with the legato patch across multiple instruments. The notes are just plain late, even though they've been quantized to the right spot. Every single legato patch I use in the library is like this.

Here's a video of one of the passages in question:

Thanks for the response!


  • Steve Shaw
    edited January 12

    Hi @ToxicResonance

    This can be an issue with all libraries (Spitfire and others) especially with long and legato articulations.

    It is made worse when you quantize everything to the beat. To get around it you can drag all of your legato notes slightly forward but this is a bit long winded.

    A better way is to apply pre delay to the track. You might need to experiment a bit with the pre delay time but it is the best way! Try -100ms for a start point. When you are happy, make a note of the pre delay time for the instrument so that you can use it for future work.

    Here is a video on using pre delay

    Hope that helps