Articulations in SA Kontakt Libraries

Hi - I'm puzzled by the behaviour of artics in Spitfire Kontakt Libraries. Specifically, if I choose a full instruments patch I can't prevent the first Articulation "sticking". So, for example the first one might be Legato. But if I click the second one - say Long- instead of switching to Legato I then get both artics selected and I can't seem to unstick the Legato whatever other artic I click. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong!! Thanks

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  • Steve Shaw
    edited January 12


    Hi Keith

    I tried to emulate your problem (I tried with chamber strings) but cannot reproduce it. All of my Spitfire Kontakt libraries work as they should i.e. if I click on an articulation I just get that articulation.

    I use Cubase Pro and Kontakt 6 (Full) but not sure why that would make any difference.

    Sorry mate, can't be of much help.



  • Hi Steve, Thanks so much for trying this out. I use Logic and Kontakt 7 but, as you say, not sure that that should matter. It would be nice if Spitfire stepped in here @Morgan ?

  • Steve - thanks so much for this. Yes, I do use expression maps! I put them on all my templates. I have wondered why sometimes they fail to write articulations to my piano roll notes and sometimes they do. The ones I use are the Art Conductor ones which are very comprehensive. I wonder if the Art Conductor author is aware of this happening? Now I know I can take them off my Kontakt Libraries. You are a genius and have saved the rest of my thinning hair from being pulled out 😀

    Thanks again and best wishes

  • Hi Keith


    Glad I could be of help.



  • Thanks Morgan - yes indeed.