Plugins Crackle

Certain plugins (not all) crackle when I use them with my midi controller. If I hold a key down at first it is fine but the longer I hold it the louder and more frequent the crackling is. I am using Cakewalk and have checked my audio driver settings. Is there a setting within the VST that I should double check or change? I love Labs! I have gotten rid of a lot of other VST's because Labs sounds so much better!


  • It sounds like you might be having a problem related to either the number of processor cores your machine has, or processor load. An instrument's reverb can hold a processor core and overload it, or prevent it being used by other instruments / notes. One way to deal with this is to reduce the maximum number of voices that the instrument can play at any one time. What the instrument then does is to release the oldest reverb tail to accomodate new notes. See the pic - the arrow points to the 3 dots, click on the 3 dots and the menu comes up. You'll need to experiment a little - you're effectively trading off a little sound 'depth' to get rid of the crackles.

    Another alternative would be to reduce the reverb for the instrument. I don't know if you can do the following in Cakewalk, but in many daws you can create reverb on a bus and point several dry instruments to the reverb bus. You're sharing a resource there, instead of using one on each and every instrument. It can also help to create some uniformity of sound - like all the instruments are in the same room.

    I hope this helps.