Will Spitfire Audio ever release the "Abbey Road One: Heavenly High Strings"?

Hello Spitfire Audio,

I'm a brand new composer (Just finished an audiobook score last year), and I was recently composing with Abbey Road One. Its an excellent Library, probably my most favorite! The extra selections make it unique and really help in areas that seem lacking in my compositions. But the high string section is extremally difficult to work with. Now I know I am not the first one to ask this, but I speak for many composers when I ask: Will you ever release the final selection in Abbey Road One, which is the high string section? Every month I have been waiting for the next string section for AR1, and it is very frustrating that you have released anything but the high strings. You also started your Abbey Road Modular Orchestra a few months ago, and it was a huge disappointment for those who were hoping it would be the high strings (I call it Heavenly High Strings because it sounds like a probable name😉). But I fail to find an answer to this question whenever someone asks it, so I am asking it myself. If you were able to deliver us the Originals Epic Choir (this was huge fan request which you did not fail to meet), then why have you done nothing about the high strings for AR1?

I think that the hardest part about this has been your lack of communication. If AR1 is officially over than say it is, but don't leave us in the dark. If you are planning to release more selections, than tell us! As a composer who uses high strings quite often in his compositions and prefers to stick to a single orchestra, I desperately need this final section for my orchestra. A Legato for High Strings made in Abbey Road would be phenomenal, and the sounds that they make for Spiccato and Staccato would be excellent! There is so much potential that comes from Violins and Violas, and you are letting it slip through your fingers. If this is meant to imitate the Orchestral compositions of famous film composers like John Williams, need I remind you about how he would often use high strings (i.e. Across the Stars/Anakin Skywalker and Padme love theme)???

The question (with all of its valid reasons) I'm ultimately trying to pose is this: Will you or will you not release the Abbey Road High String section? Think about what I have written please. I would very much appreciate an answer, preferably one that results in the creation of said "Abbey Road One: Heavenly High Strings".

Thank you for your time,


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  • Futchibon
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    Christian wrote on vi-control.net on October 23, 2020 that they had recorded 9 sections. 8 have been released.

    On the product page for AROOF under "Film Scoring Selections" they write

    "Each Selections library is focussed [sic] on accomplishing certain performance elements of orchestral movie music brilliantly - from heroic brass themes, or sparkling woodwind runs, to emotional violin love scenes with a legato patch created using our new recording techniques".

    There have been no legato violin patches released yet.

  • Morgan
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    Hello @JBB , thanks for your questions and concerns!

    I am unaware of any future potential expansions to the Abbey Road One Series, including the Film Scoring Selections. I'm afraid I'm not able to release product information either. I apologize; I would like to be able to shed more light on this topic but I cannot at this time. 

    The only thing I can tell you is that, per our video walkthrough linked below, Abbey Road Orchestra: Low Percussion is, "the first release in a new flagship series." I would stay tuned for future additions to Abbey Road Orchestra going forward. 

    Feel free to throw any other questions you might have in the thread and I'll be glad to try and answer them!


  • I'm in the same situation as you as I know are many of us, I have been one of the many that have also asked the same question, the response I received back is that Spitfire are aware of the demand for this. @Morgan, it would be great to have an update please....many thanks

  • It is an interesting question which can be more generalized into if the original ARO concept adding small size ensemble libraries will still continue?

    Does it still makes sense to spent time on a 35 Euro ensemble heavenly high strings add-on (as legendary low strings we already have) for the original ARO if work is going on to release new 500 Euro+ detailed section libraries recorded in the same studio. If all is recorded it might still work out. as the customers for those product lines might not be the same.

    Eventhough I finally might split a composition made with ARO Foundations and the Selections into individual instruments it is a great tool to make impressive sounding sketches.