What is Spitfire's most underrated product?

Personally, I think the Bernard Herrmann Toolkit is an absolute gem that has some stunning possibilities. It would be a mistake to pigeonhole it into a certain genre, as it's much more versatile than Hitchcock scores.

What about you? There are a lot of libraries not really in the main categories I'd be interested in hearing your opinions on.


  • Symphonic Motions is a favourite of mine. I find it useful for adding a bit of movement to even quite quiet pieces - the col legnos with the dynamic control dialled all the way down sound wonderful. It’s interesting to hear your thoughts on the Bernard Herrmann Toolkit - similarly, I think Motions is more flexible than one might first imagine.

  • I have Symphonic Motions and enjoy playing with it. I have only incorporated it into one piece so far but plan to use it more as I get to know it better. Haven't purchased the Bernard Herrmann yet.

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    I've recently fallen in love with Martyn Ware N.I.C. - there are some fantastic gems in this synth library! I'm especially obsessed with the patch "Whaling Singer"

  • I'm definitely interested in that one! The Herrmann Toolkit was the best chamber-type orchestra I could get at the time. I've added other things to it since then, but it's a good alternative to the albion stuff for someone who doesn't want a massive orchestra space.

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    I'd have to agree with @Josh - some of the synth patches in BHCT are some of the best hidden gems!

  • I'll probably always try and squeeze in some Glass and Steel where possible :))

  • I especially love the BHCT and Spitfire Motions as well! The percussion, flute effects, chords, and synths make it stand out above most other libraries honestly. So Malleable and versatile. Spitfire motions personally has been the hardest to use/most glitchy library for me by spitfire. Weird syncing issues and differences sometimes from what it sounds like while tracking vs it changing during playback. But when it works right it’s magic. Just takes some internal quantizing and tricks. When it sits perfect in a mix tho it’s that secret sauce!

    I also really love the Henrietta SA recordings library!

  • I must say Orbis. That library is truly a masterpiece. Every time I've used it on a project someone always asks "what sound is that? It's really cool!".

    Also the plug in for Orbis is insanely powerful and a lot of fun. You can truly have some fun with that library.

  • Still have this one on my list as all sound examples impressed me a lot! Also the cinematic percussion is definitely worth getting!

  • I'd agree with this. I've a fair bit of the libraries and I find myself heading back to Alt Solo Strings & LCO to spice up some real performances. They for me sit best with real players.

  • EvoGrid 3 (PP021) is one of my favourites, that can be very useful at times.

    Also, Byron Tapes (part of Loegria) is something very niche that is a great alternative to the overused Mellotron, Chamberlin and Optigan rhythm loops.

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  • I think HZ strings takes the win in this one. It has a lot of negative buzz, but is a fantastic library. The install size kills me though.

  • Hi All! First time here at the forum :). I have been eyeballing Glass and Steel for a year now and I really think it is an underated product with a unique sound and palett!

  • I’ve been curious about BHCT for quite awhile, but the lack of legato has put me off (well... that and needing $$!!!)

    Have you found the lack of legato frustrating?

  • There are actually quite a few legatos in there, just not on every single patch.

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    Most underrated evolutions libraries (winds and strings)

    most misunderstood Albion one. Seems like it is touted as “epic” most of the time. Which it can do but I have coaxed a lot of other sounds out of it even using it in dark folk pop tracks and it not feeling too large. I actually kept putting this library off for years. I then got it in a large sale with other albions and I have used it a lot since then.

  • I think Spitfire did a fantastic job with the Symphonic Organ. I spent years looking for my perfect cathedral organ and as soon as i heard this one, that was it for me.

    Also the Steven Devine Harpsichord sounds amazing.

  • I agree with everything you said about the BHCT, but I don't know if I'd say it's underrated. It seems to me that everyone who owns it absolutely raves about it. It's one of my favorites, as well. 😊

  • For me, Sound Dust (both volumes)! Especially Pendelonium & Ships Piano. So many great textures useful in every style from cinematic scoring to pop production. Also love Martyn Ware's NIC, some of my favorite bass synths lie within!

  • I was skeptical, but took your word for it, @Homay . These sounds are gorgeous and inspiring. I also enjoy the cinematic rhythms and the impact of the mod wheel. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Associate Professor of Music / The University of Virginia’s College at Wise

    Conductor + Music Director / Winds of the Mountain Empire

  • Yeah, the guy who makes the sound dust stuff has some really great ideas. I got the Ghost Piano and Cloud Viola. Looking back, I probably don't need the Ghost Piano, but the Cloud Viola is really cool.

  • I had absolutely zero interest in Glass & Steel. But it was in Christian's Christmas Hamper in the 2020 Christmas sale, along with LCO Textures and Symphonic Strings Evolutions. LCO Textures and the Symphonic Strings Evolutions are the libraries I bought the bundle for. I did not even think I would like Glass & Steel at all.

    But it really has some great sounds. I haven't quite figured out how to use it in my projects yet, though. If there were more "In Action" videos using Glass & Steel, it would definitely be a great help in learning how to insert its sounds into a project.

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    I use Glass and Steel, the Bernard Herman Toolkit, and both the LCO libraries the most, by far. My music is a "little off the beaten track" and these products keep me moving down that road, misguided though it may be.

    But are they underrated? No, I don't think so- I'm not a symphonic composer and there's so many great ones out there, it's not a hill I choose to climb. I just like my own direction and the above mentioned libraries do the deed for me.

    And know you know why I'm not successful and will never be.😉

  • In my opinion, the most underrated library of Spitfire is Sacconi String Quartet. It was my first Spitfire Library, and it's one of my favourites. However, it has received little love due to some things (small range in the cello). I prefer this library to the Solo Strings one.

    One of the main downsides of this library is that it requires the full version of Kontakt. I wish they port this one to their own player, it would be a nice second chance for this great library.

  • I'm very keen on Chrysalis, It's one of our older libraries in the range meaning it needs a full copy of Kontakt but it's an often overlooked gem in my opinion.

  • I still use the Mini Harp, Nylon Guitar and Trumpet Violin from the old Labs. Are all the old Labs still available anywhere?

  • I purchased Chrysalis with Glass & Steel as one of my first Spitfire libs (after Alternative Solo Strings). Although Alternative Solo Strings has gone mostly unused (except for those staccato digs... love them) I frequently reach for both Chrysalis and Glass & Steel. They each have quite unique textures that I find useful for filling out a track with a "I don't know what that is but I like it!" sound.