Varying volume of strings in Core.

As a core user I'm struggling with big changes in volume in the strings patches. Legato in particular will jump in volume without any midi change to expression or dynamics. On particular quiet section with say a 1st violin and viola in legato it's really off-putting. I've been trying various settings to optimise RAM usage for preload etc but that doesn't seem to make a difference. I never had this issue with discover so I'm wondering if it's my machine struggling but once loaded it can play pretty involved pieces. Any ideas?

Win 10, i5, 32 Gb Ram, SSD drive.

Thanks in advance.


  • Hi @Aitchos

    I had similar issues with BBCSO Core and possibly other Spitfire Player libraries. Make sure that the master volume CC7 is set to 100% for the instrument. Double click the bar to set at 100%.

    When you get the sudden increase in volume, check this setting again. It has probably jumped to full volume!

    I would suggest that something in your setup has sent a CC7 message. To be honest, I didn't really find out what was causing it so I ended up disabling CC7 in the player (right click on the volume and remove CC7 as default).

    The strange thing is that whatever is causing it doesn't affect other libraries or Spitfire Kontakt libraries!

    Hope that is of some help.