Cinematic Pads walkthrough with Homay using Alternative Solo Strings

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I hope somebody may be able to help. Homay demonstrates Originals Cinematic Pads with a wonderful walkthrough. At 11.00 mins Homay introduces a Violin from ‘Alternative Solo Strings’ which sounds beautiful.

I own Cinematic Pads amongst other sounds but am not in the position to purchase Alternatve Solo Strings at the moment and wondered if anybody has come across a violin sound that would be comparable here and possibly from the Originals collection. Any help here would be very welcome.

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    Hello @Spartacus, thanks for your comment! I'm afraid there are no violin patches like that in our Originals series, however, LABS Cello Moods offers similar articulations so, if you're willing to compromise a bit on instrumentation, that might be a good place to start. Hopefully, that's helpful! Happy new year, and cheers!


  • Hi @Morgan, thanks very much for your reply it’s really appreciated. I’ve checked Cello Moods out and it is certainly something that may be helpful. Would you know of any other Spitfire software that may have such a violin articulation, say Albion one? Given its huge array of instruments this may prove a more cost effective and beneficial purchase than Alternative Solo Strings when the time is right. Thanks and Happy New Year to you too.

  • Hello @Spartacus, I'm glad Cello Moods might be a good alternative. I'm afraid that there isn't really an articulation such as the one in Alternative Solo Strings included in another library. Albion ONE, while an excellent and very useful library, does not include any soloists and is an "ensemble library." If you're looking for an "all-in-one" library with eclectic sounds I would highly recommend Albion Solstice! It is a workhorse library for me and it has a vast array of patches to choose from including some really fantastic chamber strings sounds. Hopefully that is helpful!

  • Hi @Morgan, thanks so much for your continued advice, it’s really appreciated. All the best.

  • Hello @Spartacus, of course, happy to have been helpful! All the best to you too, cheers!