BBC Pro or SCS

An odd comparison. Two very different libraries. Here's why I'm stuck.

For my orchestral template I currently have BBC Core, Abbey Road One, Bernard Herrmann Tool Kit, Modern Scoring Strings, Joshua Bell Violin, Chris Hein Solo Cello, Cinebrass Sonore/Descant Horn & Junkie XL, as well as various textural libraries by Spitfire and other various companies.

I have been planning on upgrading to BBC Pro when it goes on sale, but now I've been thinking about SCS while it's on sale instead possibly.

Reason being, I have legatos of all kinds covered by BBC Core/Modern Scoring Strings, and mic positions/percussion galore via Abbey Road One and Bernard Herrmann and they blend well enough with BBC Core.

Although I have a few killer solo string libraries, I don't really have a chamber sized library.

What do you think is more valuable to finishing off/rounding out a template? Extra Mic positions from BBC PRO or the ability to have the orchestra break away and have part of a piece be led by the chamber strings and then bounce back into a full sweeping piece? Perhaps the close Mics on modern scoring strings can suffice enough for that same effect and I'd be better off filling out BBC? What would you do if in my position?

Thanks for your time! & Thanks for making great products!


  • Just a gentle bump. Is this perhaps a too personal or curious question/comparison? 😂

  • I'm thinking of going from Discover plus Abbey Road One and adding BBCSO Pro. I think your question about going from chamber group to full orchestra would be answered by using small groups of the solo instruments in Pro. I now realise a bit late that Abbey Road One was a mistake because a lack of solo instruments. Buying BBCSO Pro at full price seems a lot of money especially with the SSD but it's similar in price to the Roland FA7 synth that I bought a while ago.

  • I own BBCSO Core + Spitfire Solo Strings, and my next purchase is going to be something smaller/studio/chamber sized. I want a smaller sound and more direct section control. I don't know if I'm ever going to upgrade to BBCSO Pro as the Solo Strings pretty much cover for my "lead" instruments. I also like the current mixes with Core and don't want to invest a lot of time into making new ones.

    I vote for Chamber Strings. I don't know if you'll regret it 'cause it sounds absolutely gorgeous (according to reviews and demos on YouTube), but it is just a chamber strings section while Pro would add a few new instruments in every section plus a ton of mic control for every section and you get a pseudo string quartet. I guess it depends on your satisfaction with the default mixes.

  • I have just bought SCS to go with BBC SO Core. Totally blown away by how good it is.