A question about reverb(s) - pertaining to BBC Core, but more generally.

I apologize in advance for what could be viewed as yet another reverb question. I do as much reading as I can before posting a question, so please bear with me.

I'm interested in learning more about the reverb available within the Spitfire Player for BBC Core. As I'm sure is the case with most people, I leave it turned off and have relied on separate reverb buses for instrument section depth in which I attempt to put the orchestra in the same room. In this case I am using the standard version of Seventh Heaven. Still learning every time I sit down to work, but my current understanding is; the closer the section is the to the front of the orchestra, the longer the pre-delay should be. In this case I'm using Seventh Heaven - Scoring stage, 2.4 seconds, pre-delay on the strings bus is 50ms, woodwinds bus 25ms, brass and percussion with only 10ms. Seventh Heaven has a mix control for early vs late reflections. I'm not sure how to attenuate this correctly so have left it at 50% for all the busses. Is this correct?

I also have an EQ before each reverb employing the Abbey Road technique of high and low pass filters at 600hz and 10Khz.

For the reverb tail which I apply to the entire orchestra on it's own bus, I am using Logic's Chromaverb with a 4.25 second decay time. How do you approach pre-delay in a reverb tail? Should it be longer than the longest instrument section delay? In my case this is the strings bus reverb pre-delay at 50ms. Should the reverb tail pre-delay be longer than this? Also, in Chromaverb, there is a control for distance. I am assuming this is akin to the early/late reflections control in Seventh Heaven, but I'm not sure.

Lastly - with the BBC Core's built-in reverb; is it algorithmic, convolution or maybe even just a wetter signal from the actual Maida Vale studio? I know most of us don't consider using it, but it sounds quite good at 50% or lower. Man, I sure would love to have just a couple more mic signals available, for purchase of course. The cost of BBC Pro is not the impediment for me until I factor in the cost of the new SSD I'd need to download it and then only to delete the mic signals I'd never use.

So much to learn...

Thanks in advance for your opinions and help!

Ron Perrillo