Spitfire VST: Can I assign a CC without "learning" via controller?

In Kontakt I can open the browser and drag an automation command onto a fader to assign it. Can I do something similar with the Spitfire VST?

In this case I'm using Appassionata Strings. I'm having issues using the "Learn MIDI CC..." method and wondering if there is a workaround.


  • Hello @Andermusik, thanks for your comment! I'm afraid that there is no way to manually assign MIDI CC's in our dedicated plugin, the only method available is "Learn MIDI CC." What issues specifically are you encountering?

  • Andermusik
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    Thanks, Morgan.

    Appassionata Strings Expression fader is receiving a constant stream of MIDI data on channel 122 when I engage "Learn MIDI CC# automation." (Visually, it causes the fader to jump up from top to bottom constantly like a strobe light). Therefore it will only "learn" 122 and does not register my controller. When I remove the CC122 that has been learned the behavior goes away.

    I'm fairly sure my system is not sending the MIDI info. 1) The behavior does not happen with any of the other CC faders. 2) I've tried it with no midi controllers connected as well as two different DAW's and it still happens. 3) I also own Eric Whitacre Choir and tried it on the same track and there was no problem on the Expression fader.

    I'm curious if you get the same behavior. I made a video if you'd like me to upload or email it to you.

  • Hello @Andermusik, yes, if you could upload that video here, I'd love to take a look! Or if the file is too large, I can provide my email address in a direct message to you can send it along. Thanks in advance! :)

  • Please provide the email address. I wasn't able to upload my video.

  • :Appassionata Strings Expression fader is receiving a constant stream of MIDI data on channel 122 when I engage "Learn MIDI CC# automation"

    I am having exactly the same happen with various other spitfire libraries! Very odd. I also have a problem with Dymnamics CC sending its behaviour - if I can put it that way!! - to the Expression fader. Are you running Komplete Kontrol by any chance? The latest version of KK released on 7/12/23 is giving me a few problems!

  • I'm not using Komplete Kontrol, but I have other Kontakt-based libraries in my template. I tested this in several different setups and DAWs and got the same behavior.

  • Hello @Andermusik, I have sent you a PM with my email address! Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • I have done more troubleshooting and isolated the problem. It only happens as a result of connecting the Plugin over Vienna Ensemble Server between a Mac and PC. I'm still not sure why only Appassionata Strings exhibits the behavior, but this doesn't seem to be the Spitfire problem I first suspected. However, it could still be solved by having an alternate method of learning MIDI CC controllers like Kontakt has. Thank you!