OPW The Pool Project - Repeatably crashing Cubase 11 - Win 10

Its the only SA recording that does crash Cubase - none of the others I have do. I load OPW - play the first patch - step to the next and Cubase crashes. Tried the VST2 and VST3 - both the same.

I'd really like to buy the bundle of SA recordings now on offer but this is stopping me buying anymore in case of these problems. Anybody know of any issues with this library and any fixes?


  • Hi @Jennifer Thanks for reaching out.

    I have crated a support ticket regarding this matter so that we can assist further.



  • Hi Spitfire,

    OPW The Pool Project also crashes Ableton 11 and Digital Performer 10 both on Mac OS X 10.14.6.

    I can't be sure but it seems like the Nana Swells patch may be the culprit.

    Kind of a shame since I really like the library and have it in a number of projects but can't use it any more.

  • Hi SpecialCowbohy -

    I've resolved this with Spitfire - (should have posted before - my apologies).

    They sent me new OPW The Pool Project vst files. This completely fixed the problem. Though I'm a Cubase11 Windows user, not Ableton. I'd suggest raising a support ticket they got back pretty quick and were very helpful..

  • Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for letting me know that Spitfire was able to help you with the problem. I will reach out to them as well.