Issues with using Kat Multipad with percussion hits

I have been trying to use my Kat Multipad to trigger Abbey Road One: Low Percussion and it hasn't been working. I know the pad is working properly because the midi input is detected and it also works perfectly with non spitfire samples. But when I try to use it with AR1 LP it only makes a sound about 40% of the time and the dynamics are also very inconsistent. I read somewhere that a possible work around for this problem is to turn on "gate mode" within the sample pad. My midi percussion pad doesn't have the option to do that so I don't know what to do from here.


  • I have neither your drum pad nor the library (I assume you mean the new Abbey Road Orchestra Low Percussion) but it might be related with the middle C used in this library. Not all Spitfire libraries use the same middle C. Some use C3 others like BBCSO use C4 as middle C. Libraries with C4 as mddle C often do not match with the DAW middle C. Example fro the bass drum in BBCSO, the normal hit is shown as C3 in the Plugin but in the DAW with C3 as middle C like Logic you have to play a C2 to make this hit sound. So check the manual for the middle C or simply try by setting your midi mapping on your drum pad one octave lower and check the sounds.

  • I already did that and set the drum pad to the correct "key/note". Even when it's set to the right note it still only plays about 1/2 of the time.

  • Nevermind I'm just going to get a different drum pad that is compatible