Error #1 is a nightmare :(

Every time I load labs I get this error message.... it is really frustrating to get in touch with Support

please help @Spitfire Audio


  • Hello @SRNDR, an Error #1 will occur when an instrument is not able to locate its patches and presets. Error Messages are indicated by a red exclamation point icon located in the top left hand corner of the plugin window; you can reveal the error message by clicking this icon. Please note that this Error is specific to libraries housed in our award winning dedicated plugin and will not occur with our Kontakt libraries. 

    Below are detailed instructions for fixing an Error #1, in most cases. I have provided links to resources including our support article covering Error #1 as well as a detailed video tutorial on the subject. 

    If you are attempting to use our libraries on an M1 Mac, you may encounter an Error #1. One reason may be that your DAW and the Spitfire Audio App are not yet set to the same Mode of Operation (either Native M1 Mode or Rosetta Mode). 

    In order for your libraries to work properly, you must be sure that the Spitfire Audio App and your DAW of choice are set to the same mode. You can do this by going to Finder > Applications > DAW > Right Click > Get Info > If you would like to run the software in M1 Native Mode, the box labeled "Open in Rosetta" should be unchecked; if you would like to run the software in Rosetta Mode, please tick this box and quit and re-open your DAW if it is not already closed. 

    Next, the same process must be repeated with the Spitfire Audio App by going to Finder > Applications > Spitfire Audio > Right Click > Get Info > etc., etc. After you have switched to a particular mode, you must open the Spitfire Audio App and repair all of your dedicated plugin libraries. If you run out of resets, please write back requesting your reset limit to be cleared and I will be happy to do so. Once the libraries in question have been repaired, open your DAW and open a library; you should see that the library is functioning properly and that the error icon has disappeared. 

    If you are attempting to use a library on an M1 system that is not fully compatible with the M1 Chip, you will have to install the BETA version of the library. Please note that if you run both your DAW and the App in Rosetta Mode, all of your libraries should work without having to install BETA versions of the plugin; you should not experience any significant performance issues by doing this. An article on M1 compatibility, and all BETA version of plugins not yet compatible can be found here:

    The following directory is a collection of all support articles related to issues with M1 systems:

    NOTA BENE: If you use Cubase 12 and are experiencing an unresolvable Error 1 when using M1 compatible Spitfire libraries, please note, Steinberg have identified an issue with Cubase 12, which currently opens by default using Rosetta, though the check box in the Get Info pane is not ticked.

    This can be resolved by following the instructions in this Steinberg support article:

    If you continue to receive errors using M1 compatible libraries after ensuring Cubase 12 is running natively, please do contact us using the Help widget below.


    1. Close your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and find your Library Contents Folder in the location you installed the library to.
    2. Click on the Library folder, and delete the Patches and Presets folders found within. 
    3. Go to the Spitfire Audio App, click on the Library Artwork, and Repair the Library by clicking on the cog and selecting Repair. On the next page, make sure you select the Library Folder as the destination for Repair. If you are using LABS, you should select Repair All LABS
    4. Once the repair is complete in the Downloads Tab, close the Application and open the plugin in your DAW. The plugin should now work with the most up-to-date patches and presets.
    5. If there is still an error with your plugin, please write back in and make sure you attach your plugin log in order to assist our troubleshooting if you haven't already. 

    Error #1 - Something Went Wrong (Support Article)

    How to Get a Spitfire Audio Plugin Log (.log)

    I do hope this information proves useful and brings you progress! If not please reply and I will be more than happy to assist you further. 

  • i get a new errors every time i use spit fire it really sucks making beats with and when i show them its playing ugly sounds and errors