Epich Choir and HZ-Strings tracks gets "bad" after some time?

I have experienced many times that Epich Choir tracks sound dull and distorted when I have worked with the project in cubase 12Pro for a while. Today I noticed that a HZ-Strings behave similar. Is this a common problem? I usually ad a new instrument track and ad the plugin again and move my midi to this track, this resolves the problem.


  • Are you able to save audio of a track when it's "fresh", and of the same unchanged track once it's gone "bad"? I've had this experience, but haven't been able to catch it in the act... in the end, I've usually convinced myself that either I'm getting to used to hearing the same thing, or I've changed a setting and not reset it at the start of the piece.

    Out of interest, once a track has gone "bad", does restarting the DAW and reloading the project restore it? Or only creating the track again?

  • Hi, Only way for me to fix it is to create a new track and reload the plugin. This is a fakt, I have heard it so many times and also fixed it, its by no means mixing fatique. I can make two tracks for comparison.

  • OK, cool... if a track that goes "bad" is still bad after restarting the DAW, that means that the problem is being saved to the project as part of the track or plugin's settings. We also know that the default settings are "good". So, next time it happens, you could try creating the new track and comparing all the old track's settings with the new ones before adding MIDI to the new track (because MIDI can change settings).

    In Logic a plugin has a graphical user interface, but also a "controls view" which lists all the settings and their values. Does Cubase have something similar? If so, I would open both the "good" and "bad" plugins side by side and just compare everything. Some will be different deliberately - like, I assume you're moving Dynamics, e.g. - but you might spot a setting that has been changed without your knowledge?

  • I got it now! When the volume in the plugin is close to or even a bit into red on the meter on the plugin (not in cubase) I get a extra umpf and it sounds bigger and "more". It does not sound distorted. I have reverb and other setting exactly the same on the plugin.

  • I should mention that you dont get this effect by increasing the level in cubase, you need to have it in the plugin. it seems to be the default setting for the HZ Strings.

  • So you've found the problem, and it's the plugin volume that's being lowered and making it sound "dull"?