Epic Choir, keyboard range incorrect

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I just purchased the Originals: Epic Choir, but I noticed a problem with the available key range that is projected on the virtual keyboard, in the plugin. When I load a presets, the range is correct, covering the notes that produce sound, but when I save a user preset and recall it, the Bass/Tenor presets show the Alto/Soprano range on the keyboard and the Alto/Soprano presets show the Bass/Tenor range. The notes that produce sound are still the same, so when the Alto/Soprano range is shown on a Bass/Tenor preset, the notes below the alto range are grey and produce sound as far as the bass range goes, and also the notes that are above the tenor range are white as far as the soprano range goes, but these dont produce sound. And the same goes for the Alto/Soprano presets, but the other way around, of course.

Is there a fix for this problem?

Cheers! Maarten

OSX Catalina, Studio One 5 Pro


  • Hi @Demious Thanks for reaching out.

    I have just created a support ticket for you regarding this matter.

  • Not quite an answer, but at least related. Is there a way to change the range as shown on the keyboard. High Ab isn't high enough for sop and tenor in any choir?

  • I just looked it up and minimum default range would be

    Sopranos: C4-C6. Altos: F3-F5. Tenors: C3-C5. Basses: E2-E4. Extended range 2 notes above and below. And what I know from rock and metal singers I've worked with and songs I've played, these minimal default ranges are what is commonly used, considering that Emin/Ebmin is a very common standard in rock music. Meat Loaf, to name someone we all know, with an average rock voice range, sings to a B4. Backing vocals for his songs will do the same in a lot of cases. Metal often uses counter tenors, the standard metal high E is an E5, so having the backing vocals put a 5th underneath doesnt seem very far fetched.

    Cheers! Maarten

    OSX Catalina, Studio One 5 Pro