Just paid for Hearth and Hollow - Plucked Folk Ensemble - but not showing up in S1?

Why is all my other Spitfire plugins loading up in Studio One 6, but not Hearth and Hollow? I paid for epic choir and Heart and Hollow at the same time, but only choir is loading. I see the serial nr for Hollow but where do I register it? When i open Spitfire Audio it says all is installed. Why so complicated? :D

I can see that i also have to different emails on Spitfire. The app works fine with all plugins, but I can not see Hearth and Hollow. Where is it?


  • Solved , but to complicated. The Native Access did not start up, only update 0 prosent. - I re installed the thing and now it works. I did not first understand that it was Kontakt player.