Symphony Brass too shy

It looks like current version of Spitfire Symphony Orchestra is definitely not definitive as it claims. More high quality demo tracks on the website with larger variety of genres and moods would be also welcome for proper decision making process. I have EWSO and bought Spitfire as an upgrade but to be honest Spitfire Brass lacks the temperament and drive in louder dynamics in comparison. Sounds nice, quality of samples great, room perfect, but from my perspective it sounds way to shy in general to be used for Action movie kind of things. Currently working on "Mission impossible" kind of theme and bought Spitfire to use it in there, but Symphony Brass are not used at all as their fortissimo sounds like mezzoforte, lack accent and drive in long notes, maybe way too old players? :))


  • Well it is a symphony, not a jazz band or epic orchestral ensemble. I've heard similar reviews, but the demos EastWest puts out vs. Spitfire Audio match up with their libraries pretty well. EastWest has their whole TSFH lineup of epic, adrenaline tracks, and Spitfire has their ambient, lush background tracks with swells and what not. Tbh the EastWest sound is pretty unrealistic for what a symphonic orchestra could achieve, so I'm not surprised that the realistic Spitfire orchestra isn't up to that volume. Maybe a Hans Zimmer brass library would be more fitting.

  • You are right with the ambient and lush, it looks like I missunderstood the concept and bought something I do not need. Zimmer does not have brass

  • Yes, sorry, I meant in theory. A Hans Zimmer brass to match the giant Hans Zimmer strings.

  • To me Strings in Symphony orchestra are just perfect, they can be lush as well as aggressive. There are tons of articulations. Brass are just a tittle weak and dark especially horns.

  • Yeah if you want action/not Typical symphonic brass I think junkie xl is the best. The biggest that I’ve heard.

  • @Michael B. Oliva Wow, Junkie Xl brass are just amazing. There is also option to buy sections separately. Thank you, this helps me a lot

  • Have you tried the cuivre articulations? Many other libraries put this on their ff/fff layer, but Spitfire uses "clean" sounds for the loudest layer (brass can be played very loud, but still "clean" and not cuivre).

  • @Justin I know, dynamically cuivre are more aggresive for sure but they are crazy slow. Players just played slow long note with long fade in and most of the energy is far away from the start of the sample. I tried to combine staccato and long artuculations to get the desired result but that sounds artificial.

  • Hi! I'd really disagree with the idea that SSO brass is 'weak'. The 'normale' patches don't go to 11, but that wouldn't be 'normale', and the symphonic brass sounds like real brass, rather than some insane hybrid brass. Check out some of the other patches, like bells up and cuivre. :)

    The close mic is your friend.

    Most of what these 'epic' brass libraries are giving you is a brass sound with compression and EQ added to make them 'hybrid' sounding.

    I assume this is most of what JXL's "Alan Meyerson Mix" is doing, and why they're so loud and aggressive.

    Paul Thompson did a great video on EQing brass to make it sound nastier and faker. (More epic)

    Enjoy and good luck! :)

  • I think the a6 brass patches are plenty loud

  • What I like about Spitfire libraries is that they seem to have been created by people who needed the libraries and didn't have them yet - so they've gone for sounds and options that they want and need - but at a quality level that wasn't there before. Clever sound design techniques can take care of the rest I guess.