Random Acts of Kindness ❤️

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Random Acts of Kindness is back!

This year, we will be giving away libraries throughout the Winter Sale to randomly-picked members of our community. You can also win libraries by sharing your compositions with us in this thread, and we’ll be picking our favourites!

How else can I get involved?

  1. Share your music in this thread and tell us a little bit about it; we look forward to hearing your compositions!
  2. Spread kindness, listen to your peer's music, and encourage your fellow composers in their craft!
  3. Join us for one of our premieres on our YouTube channel throughout the sale where we'll be giving away libraries in the live chat too!

*Due to the volume of prize winners, we expect to fulfill prize orders by January 12th, 2023, please do not use our live chat to enquire about the status of your prize*



  • Wow! This sounds great!

  • septemberwalk
    edited December 2022

  • I made this using mostly the BBC Symphony Orchestra Pack, with a bit of Epic Strings and Epic Brass and Woodwind.. It was the first thing I've ever composed on this scale. The inspiration was playing a Bard in a D and D game, I wrote musical themes for each of the other player characters, then did variations. Hope you enjoy.


  • Awesome! You found a nice way to glue these library’s together

  • I really like the somewhat sad but inspiring vibe of this. When those octave high string legatos come in, it's great. This reminded me to revisit those. I also really liked that very abrupt transition before the beat came in where it just cuts to the very sparse piano

  • Thanks a lot! It really is a great library for this kind of mellow stuff.

    Not to sound like I'm just returning a compliment, but I checked your entry and thought it's extremely well written, great job!