Lies about Winter Sale price

Your site says 40% off EVERYTHING.

And yet, Symphonic Orchestra collection is $889. That's 11% off the normal $999 price tag...

Math anyone?


  • Same with Abbey road one collection...

  • I don't see the discrepancy that you are describing. Abby Road One Collection normally $841, is now $498.

    Symphonic Orchestra bundle is normally $2,446, is now $889.

  • Five18Studios
    edited December 2022

    The Symphonic collection has been $999 for an entire year, not $2446. It has NEVER sold for $2446. The REGULAR, EVERYDAY price is $999.

  • No response. Go to the page and check the NORMAL price now. What do you see? LIES!

  • Five18Studios
    edited January 23

    Abbey Road One Collection is $589. NOT $841. That's only 15% off. What planet are you on??? Do you not even look with your eyes open? Good luck with your finances.