Help please on BBC SOC

Hi hope somebody here can help me on a question on the bbc soc , i try and play the keyboard as a hobby , playing film scores live not really using the pc to organize the instrumnets etc, so as i said i play live having all the instruments laidsacross the keyboard , i like the film music from films such a avatar ,castaway , interstella, gladiator, bond etc and want some strings etc to go well for this type of music, i have most of the original packs which i find very usefull and also have the discover pack , but now looking for something that can really give the music i play a little more lift (if you know what i mean) i have been looking at the bbc soc for some time , but now see its in the sale , can i ask what you guys feel about this one for my needs? i have been a little worried on it as i see people where saying about the loading times being very long! but i always seem drawn to this one for some reason, if any of you have the time to reply to me in a helpful way i would really appreciate it, i havent got a fortyune to spend, so i need to be carefull and hopfully with your help i will makle the right decision


  • BBC Symphony Orchestra are individual sections (Violins, Violas, Cello, Basses, Horns, Trumpets etc. all as individual patches) and is designed more for orchestration and writing in individual lines. If you are a keyboard player and want something spread across the keys for playing two-handed style then I'd recommend looking at Albion One, which is designed as everything you need to score a film. So if you enjoy playing film music on the keyboard with both hands then Albion One is probably a good option for you as they are ensemble patches (Strings all in one, Brass High and Brass Low, Woods High and Woods Low etc).

  • BBCSO seems like great value to me for an orchestra, especially since it all fits together nicely. If you're only looking for strings, though, you may be able to spend your money in a more targeted way: a lot of Spitfire string libraries are in the same price bracket (or less) as BBCSO Core now that everything's 40% off. I think watching the walk-through videos should help you make the right decision for what you're doing and the sound you want.

    Personally, I think I would find it difficult to play BBCSO strings live, since you need to work with the dynamics, expression and vibrato controllers, and switch articulations... but if you already play with BBCSO Discover then I guess it's not a problem for you? Besides BBCSO, I only really know Appassionata and Solo Strings out of the Spitfire string libraries: neither can really replace an orchestral string section, but I imagine Appassionata would be very easy to play live - hardly need to move the mod-wheel that much - but it's very legato-focused.

    As for BBCSO being slow to load: I find it's slower than it really should be, but in practice it's fine as long as you unload instruments and articulations you're not using.

    Hope that's some help.

  • Ok Thanks ill check it out thanks

  • Appassionata seems a good look, ill check them out thanks