Sampling 101 for me at less

Ok question about recording samples

How do You Guys and Gals record samples where the recorded sample does not sound well robotic sounding ?

because for example let say I am hitting or few different rhythm patterns with various velocities on a single drum at let say 60 bpm

and I want to capture the spontaneous nature of that performance

question or do I play that same rhythm at a slow 30 bpm ?

Or is there a way or maybe different approach to record the samples at that 60 bpm and still be able to use them to create a sample instruments?


  • Hi gregoryd,

    Thanks I do want to get Very involve eventually just now at first want to keep things simple.

    So am I understanding this correctly You cannot recorded playing a performance on the spot with different velocity and rhythm hits to edit and create a individual samples out of them to create a sample instruments ?

    but I could create that whole performance as is to use as a one shot ?

    please be patient very new

  • Hi bcraig_69 - Have you watched this video?

    This and the follow-up video walk you through the process.

  • Recording a performance and trying to modify/separate each hit would be difficult unless there was a ton of space between every hit. There would be overlap in reverb and resonances in the drums that would make it messy. You can record all of the velocities in one file; you just have to edit and splice everything up after the fact (and wait for the drums to be silent after you get your takes).

    You could use an entire performance as a one shot! Just map that file to play on whatever key; you could also add a looping function to it to make a bunch of different looping options. The only problem with this is you would not be able to play the loop or oneshot at a different tempo unless you recorded just a bunch of tempos (which some drum VSTs have preset tempos like 60, 70, 80, 120, 135, 140, 160 for loops).