Bbcso core and Protools Studio

Hello All,

I’ve encountered an issue that’s perplexing me. My Bbcso plugin doesn’t seem to cooperate with any of my protoools stock plugins. If I’m working on a session with several bbcso tracks and I open a protools plugin ( Dverb, etc. ) protools continually crashes. My workaround right now is to commit the midi tracks to audio and then open up the protools plugins but this is not a preferred workflow. I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced this bug and found a solution. Kind regards, Glen Irvine


  • How much RAM and processing power do you have? Could be you're maxing out which is causing Pro Tools to crash.

    Also, are you trying to apply these plugins directly onto the instrument track that has the BBCSO plugin on it? Best practice is always to limit the number of reverbs and have them on aux or fx channels and use 'sends' on the instrument tracks with the BBCSO plugin to apply reverb, delays, etc.

  • CPU usage reads about 68% when session crashes and the plugins are on aux channels so I don’t think either of these things are the problem but thank you for the response.