Do broken samples get fixed? And where would I send this feedback?

Hey there, sorry if the forums are the wrong place for this (let me know). I'm mostly very happy with my purchase of BBCSO (Professional). That said, I occasionally run into outright mistakes in the samples that are not reasonable to work around. One particular case bad enough to make me write this: I hear people straight up talking over the Glockenspiel on A#6 and B6. Also the Celeste on A#2 sounds like somebody dropped a body bag down the hallway during the decay. Is this the kind of thing I could expect to get fixed over time if I submit the feedback somewhere? Is the forums the right place for that feedback?

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  • Mario
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    Lately SA people seem to be absent from this forum. No reaction whatsoever on bugs.

    You should,d hand in a ticket which they call hello request. You can find the address under contact us bottom left.

    The first issue was already reported in this forum a long time ago, when SA still actively monitored this forum but it has never been repaired. I hear the people talking on the Glockenspiel if you put it very loud but do not hear the body bag.with zero reverb on in the Celeste. However when you put a lot of reverb you get some rumbling.

    I and several other reported issues (including several wrong notes) and terrible transitions with some microphone settings in Abbey Road Two but also there no reaction whatsoever from SA. Have a look at the long thread. No ticket not action. Ticket hope and see.