Soft Strings vst (Kontakt) won't install since I switched to Kontakt 7

A Kontakt library that I bought not long ago installed correctly and worked fine with the Kontakt player. I recently switched to the full Kontakt 7. Can't say for sure that Kontakt 7 is the issue. The library downloads fine, but the Installing message pops up for only 1 second and it's done. Rebooted, reset in the Spitfire app and downloaded again but no luck. There is no sign of it in Kontakt Native Access, just Spitfire Solo Strings that I installed prior to Kontakt 7. I've read that I can install manually via Native Access but not able to get it to work so far.


  • My bad. Never mind this one. add go into Native Access and add the serial number Spitfire included in an email.