Greetings from the Spitfire Audio Forum!

Hello to all!

My name is Morgan, I am employed at Spitfire Audio in our Customer Experience department and I am delighted to announce that I will now be overseeing all things Forum!

The Spitfire Audio Forum is already a fantastic space to share, discuss, and get support from your peers, and our CX team. The Forum is an ever-evolving feature of our website, and thus, we are committed to seeing that it grows, improves, and expands to meet the needs of its users.

If you have any feedback, comments, concerns, and/or feature requests in regards to the Forum, please feel free to drop me a line below in the form of a comment.

With that, I am excited to take the Forum to new places!

Happy holidays, and as always, happy composing!


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    Welcome Morgan! from my point of view the forum is great and some fantastic questions are posted with excellent and helpful responses in some cases but unfortunately I see many questions are left without a response. It would be great to have someone from Spitfire comment on these if possible. Understood not all the questions are directed at Spitfire but some could benefit from a Spitfire contribution e.g. this one from the Unanswered list: The Spitfire Audio definitive list of Key switches UACC and CC values for all products — Spitfire Audio

    Also maybe not a forum thing per se but I know many customers are longing for a published roadmap of forthcoming product releases and fixes etc., would be great to have something like this available in the Announcements section of the forum

  • Hello @JBB, thanks so much for your comment! To address your first topic, I am committed to replying to unanswered questions on a regular basis, and I apologize for the lack of support there; we can do better and we will! We do have some great resources to offer on our Support Page specifically in reference to Keyswitching, CC values, and UACC. However, I think I straightforward list or chart as you've specified is a good idea! I'll send this along to the relevant team for review!

    To address your last question, we are not able to post a roadmap with information on future potential products I'm afraid, however, I like your idea about announcing bug fixes and updates! I will also happily bring this up with the relevant team.

    Thanks again for your feedback, it is greatly appreciated!

  • Hi Morgan! Great to meet you here! Happy New Year! May it bring renewed creativity, new experiences, and an abundance of opportunities to be with those you care about! And, of course, 2023 will be the year of the forums! Here’s looking forward to the chats, wise advice, discussions, and enthusiastic users coming together in this new year. Cheers everybody! 🥂🥳

  • Hello @InTheArts, thanks so much for your kind words, I hope for the same ideals going forth into the New Year! Cheers!

  • Sounds great, @Morgan! Things like that make these forums a place I’ll need to frequent much more often!

  • Hello Morgan,

    Welcome - great to have you take care of this community. Happy New Year and I wish you all the best with this new task. I was moderating a bunch of music forums in the past and am well aware of the challenges. So I really appreciate you here.

    Have a wonderful time and take good care. Cheers, Roland

  • Hello @Roland, a very kind greeting, thank you! We will persevere; this space deserves to be tended to and hopefully, I can do that to the best of my ability! Thanks again and cheers :)

  • Thank you for taking care of this community, and welcome. Happy New Year and best of luck on your new assignment. I've already moderated a number of music forums, so I am familiar with the difficulties. So, thank you so much for being here. Streamaestro

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  • Hello @Streamaestro, thanks very much for the warm welcome! It will be a challenge but I'm confident that together we can all take the Forum to new places! :)

  • FGM
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    I am asking, or better, just inviting you for a fix, if you please, as it turns out to be a bit strange for we potential buyers the fact of searching for FUJARA and get a "Sorry, no results found for Fujara. Try searching for terms like "strings" or "free" " as the result.

    I am very happy indeed you have it available under ORIGINALS, RARE FLUTES.