BBC Discover Key Switches not saving

Has anyone had this issue? How did you solve it? Anytime I load a different patch in BBC Discover, the key switches just unmap to where I had them. I tried using SAVE in the preferences and that didn't work.

DAW: Ableton.


  • Different patches have different articulations, so the mappings from key-switches to articulations are part of the preset rather than part of the plug-in settings. So, if you set up your desired key-switches and save the preset (using the disk icon on the right of the preset drop-down menu), then you should get your mappings back next time you load that particular preset.

    If you were hoping to arrange for a certain key-switch (other than the default C-1, at least!) to map to the first articulation of any patch, then I don't think there's a quick way of doing that in the plug-in across all patches at once. It would involve updating every preset (or, I suppose, transposing the key-switch notes before they hit the plug-in so they line up with the defaults.)