How to cut the snare roll ?


I'm using the percs from the BBC pro, and having trouble to cut off the roll. How to chain smoothly a roll with a clean hit ?



  • And the timpani roll too by the way...

  • Hi. When I play the rolls, then I hear a bit of a hit on the release of the note... so the roll ends neatly on the release. If you want a stronger hit, though, playing the hit immediately on the release of the roll note sounds fine to me: you may need to adjust the velocity of the 'hit' note and the dynamics of the 'roll' note so they blend nicely, though.

    I've tried this on the Snare 1 and Snare 2 articulations of the Untuned Percussion patch (i.e. just holding down A2 for the roll and playing C2 for the hit immediately after.) Works similarly on the timpani, though of course it's a bit harder to play by hand with the rolls and hits being different articulations...

  • Hi

    Thank you for your response. That is what I do, but I still can ear the release of the roll after the hit. A bit weird.

    Anyway, I wonder if there were a way to note off this rolls in Logic.