Crom (BBCSO Discover Challenge)

After some time with Core I had to go back to Discover for this KVR Challenge (OSC #165). What a joy it was, though. I've only used genuine Discover features, of course.

Maybe I'm becoming more and more familiar with orchestration, but I was utterly impressed with what it ended up sounding like. Yes, I've used AltiVerb and Ozone 9 on it, which both really help kick it up a notch in terms of sound impression, but well... Discover is a true gift!


  • Superbe !

  • THANK YOU! 🤗

    What a nice surprise, hehe. Almost gave up checking in.😅

  • Sincerely, I appreciate the originality of your compositions. I don't necessarily think about always listening to the achievements of the people in the forum so I'm late. But it was an excellent surprise

    I add that you have very well taken into account the limitations of the discover version.

  • Krisp, you are one of the most active members here and I'm very happy you are here. I've tried for a while and check in every now and then, but this forum just serves a different purpose.

    Discover is really a little treasure that comes with enough strong points to do quite a lot. What I can't tell enough is how much it has helped me learn about orchestration and get comfortable with it. Especially for autodidacts like me, this is the most endearing and powerful tool. But it doesn't have to stop there. 😁

    Thanks again! I should have a listen to some more stuff here, too, again. ☺️