Having some trouble integrating eDNA Earth into my workflow

Hello everyone, hope you're all doing great =)

I've recently bought eDNA Earth in this Black Friday for I was very interested in the sounds that it was capable of producing. I've been exploring the sounds and they're really really good! However I'm really frustrated with its workflow inside Kontakt. It takes a lot of time to actually cycle through the patches and, despite the awesome sounds, I cannot see myself losing that amount of time searching for sounds in the production process (in which ideally I need to make quick and assertive decisions). Plus, the whole Kontakt HiDPI situation really makes me go nuts, given that I have to scroll and read so many preset names with little tiny fonts.

So, I would really like to know: If you're a frequent eDNA Earth user, how did you managed to integrate it into your workflow? How do you find the sound that you want fast without losing focus?


  • Hello,

    I totally understand your issues. I made a spreadsheet which holds bits of information and rankings about patches I liked or disliked. I wrote down also short notes about ideas, sujets, context and genres which came to mind while cycling through all that content. Notetaking takes time and is boring, (I did it as I was in Corona quarantine) so I played around with eDNA, tried this knob and that control and this helped me getting to know the library better. But honestly I don´t know, if it will be helpful in the long run.

    A database like Filemaker could be useful as it could consist of notes about all your samples and you could search and filter for certain metadata. Overkill for me, but maybe others have done it. Walter Murch comes to mind. Kontakt 7 has a browser which organises libraries automatically based on content. If the library supports that feature. I don´t know how good it works and it seems to grab a lot of RAM.